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Whisper of the Moon was made possible by the amazing worldwide support of friends and family through Kickstarter.

Whisper of the Moon - Erin Ivey & Tosca String Quartet


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AUSTIN, TX - On the heels of landing multiple Top 10 lists for her 2013 album Dreamy Weather, award-winning singer-songwriter Erin Ivey joins forces with the renowned Tosca String Quartet (David Byrne, Bonnie Raitt, Arcade Fire) to release a brand new CD/DVD of original lullabies and lightly-dark fairy tales - entitled Whisper of the Moon.

Whisper of the Moon swims in the uniquely uncharted waters of "Chamber Folk." It is an intimate and emotionally powerful combination of Erin Ivey's Urban Folk songwriting and the classical music pedigree of Tosca String Quartet, as arranged by composers Christopher Cox and Leigh Mahoney. The album also features a song, "Jack's Lullaby," co-written by singer-songwriter Darden Smith, co-founder of the wonderful Songwriting with Soldiers organization.

In addition to the music, this collection includes a DVD with videos of the actual studio performances at AM Stereophonic, artfully filmed and edited by Digital Shakedown. Celebrated illustrator Graham Franciose provides original album art.

Whisper of the Moon was funded by friends and fans through a successful Kickstarter campaign (Erin's second in one year). The album will officially be available online (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.) and the physical CD/DVD package will be at Waterloo Records and on February 11.


Erin Ivey recruited a formidable, if unconventional, ensemble to back her on Whisper of the Moon, the estimable singer-songwriter's latest release: the renowned Tosca String Quartet, which has toured with David Byrne, worked with the Dixie Chicks, Bob Schneider, and Spoon, and were immortalized in Richard Linklater's movie Waking Life. The album is a collection of lullabies and lightly-dark fairy tales that benefits from Tosca's classical orientation, as Ivey's gorgeous, haunting voice soars above the string arrangements. "We did these recordings in a live studio session," Ivey says, "basically in the living room, all together with no separation, the way old phonograph records were made." - Tom Buckley (Texas Music Magazine)

One of the most talented vocalists I've heard. -John Aielli (KUTX 89.9FM)

Erin Ivey is on top of her game. - Jeffrey Sisk (The Daily News)

Enjoy the deliciousness. -Perez Hilton (


Whisper of the Moon track listing (same for CD and DVD)
1. Almanac (3:23)
2. Oh, Light (3:09)
3. Whisper of the Moon (2:42)
4. Little Star (4:01)
5. L.T.F.D. (3:32)
6. Jack's Lullaby (2:47, co-written with Darden Smith)
7. Rest Your Head (3:07)

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